Iron or stainless steel pot.
2021-03-19 15:43:25

1, should avoid cooking pot soup

WHO experts recommend using wok cooking pot, because generally do not contain other chemicals, there are few dissolved substances. Even if there is iron dissolution, the human body is also good. Nutrition experts pointed out that cooking with a wok iron is the most direct method. But iron is easy to rust, not food for the night; not suitable for soup, or protect its iron surface rust layer of cooking oil will disappear.

Expert advice: Brush pan should use less detergent, slight rust vinegar can be used for cleaning. The new iron is best to use salt water bubble, and salad oil rub odor removal. Can the ginger cut into pieces, sautes the heat after wiping.

2, stainless steel pot should be cooked porridge bogey acid and alkali

Iron is easy to rust, beautiful and durable stainless steel, so many people choose the stainless steel pot. In this regard, we should pay attention to, stainless steel pot unqualified there will be security risks, stainless steel pot unqualified is generally six chromium chromium exceed the standard, is listed as one of the chemical substances harmful to the human body, is one of the internationally recognized carcinogenic metals.

Experts suggest: stainless steel pot is not completely rust, if long-term contact with acid, alkali substances will also play a chemical reaction. Therefore, more suitable for stainless steel pot porridge, should not be a long time for salt, soy sauce, soup, also should not use chemical washing strong alkaline or strong oxidizing.