The difference between ceramic pot and casserole
2021-03-19 15:43:14

The difference between ceramic pot and casserole:

With the clay and sand fired pot pot, and add a layer of glaze, smooth and beautiful appearance, and modern health, commonly used to make soup casserole, stomatal small, less resistant, pot mouth, heat is also fast. Direct use of medium and small fire heating methods, but also have steam, water and other heating methods. North to make soup, the south is known as the pot. Now Japan is popular with the casserole to do all kinds of food, a new generation of casserole can not only fried cooking, and even can be used to roast pizza.

The ceramic pot heating when the temperature rises slowly, can make food evenly and fully heated, cooked more shiny; preservation can smolder.

The soup to select the delicate texture of the casserole is appropriate, a small amount of lead containing inferior enamel casserole, easy to cook acidic food dissolved out, harmful to health. The inner white ceramic pot is easy to use. The advantage of a small fire to casserole slow work, heat preservation and good, do it very delicious soup.